2022 Trips & Rates

Early May To End of October: South Shore, Plymouth & Cape Cod

  • Striped Bass

    We may encounter bluefish, bonito, false albacore and bluefin tuna as well

    $600 - $1,100

    3 to 8 Hour Trips Available

  • Black Sea Bass

    We may encounter tautog, fluke, scup & sea robbin as well

    $500 - $800

    4 to 6 Hour Trips Available

  • Bluefin Tuna

    We may encounter giant blue fins, sharks striped bass & bluefish as well

    $1,050.00 to $1,300.00

    9-10 Hour Trip Off-Shore

The Boats
Three boats to accomodate your desired trip

We are focused to maximizing individual angler catch rates while increasing the overall safety for our guests. Depending on the trip, we may accomodate an additional guest. We will enhance each angler's fishing techingues so we like to have smaller groups on board for improved 1 to 1 training.

Each boat below is geared towards accomodating different trip types and party sizes. 1620 Anglers will work hard to accomodate the boat you wish to reserve and work with you to if that boat is unavailable for your desired date and time.

  • North Coast 235 Hard Top

    Down East, New England Style Fishing Vessel

    Trips Range form $500 - $1,050

    Capt. Rick's boat accomodates up to 4 guests, but 3 is preferred for comfort and safe space to cast on fish when they are feeding on top-water.

  • Sea Pro 259 Deep V

    Massive Carolina Flair, Comfy and Quick

    Trips Range from $600 - $1,300

    Capt Mike's boat accomodates up to 5 guests, but 4 is preferred for comfort and safe space to cast on fish when they are feeding on top-water.

  • Master Marine 28 CC

    Designed Specifically For Fishing Larger Species

    Trips Range from $600 - $1,300

    Our good friend Capt. Jake's boat accomodates up to 6 guests, but 5 is preferred for comfort and safe space to cast on fish when they are feeding on top-water. Capt. Jake helps 1620 Anglers meet the demand for larger parties and offshore pelagic trips.

Who we Are

brothers that are U.s. Coast GUard Master Licensed captains with FISHERY PATTERN RECOGNITION, UNDERSTANDING of LUNAR PHASES, TIDAL EBB AND FLOW and a variety of techniques that WE WILL teach YOU DURING YOUR CHARTER FISHING TRIP with us. Our close friend Captain Jake provides us with support for larger parties and trips that target pelagic species. We look forward to putting you on the fish soon!

Capt. Rick, Capt. Mike & Capt. Jake

Captains Rick and Mike of 1620 Anglers posing with a fish
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